Annette Burger Custom Art Paintings! Hello to all art fans!

Welcome to my Enchanting Website!

Where Annette Designs and Creates uniquely different Custom Art Paintings

I have passion for art in all its forms! Works of art bring people from all cultures together providing beauty to our world just as music an the animal kingdom do. Works of art lift our spirits in giving us feelings of joy and peace. All works of art are symbolic encoded with true meanings, no words being necessary. Hashtag #Symbolism= Where my art has meaning! I hope my art site will make you smile and trap your attention for awhile! I will be offering a wide variety of different art styles in my paintings such as Pop Art, Wildlife,Sealife, Classic, and Fantasy. I am selling my custom art paintings via Pay Pal for anyone interested to purchase. About Me - I am a Native Washingtonian and enjoy visiting all the lovely sites that the Washington D.C. Metro area has to offer. My favorite places to visit include The National Zoo, the National Air and Space museum, and the National Gallery of Art. I have had the opportunity to see exciting theater peformances at Strathmore Music Hall in Bethesda, Maryland and the beautiful classy art works on the walls of Strathmore Mansion. I have visited multiple states in the U.S. including Texas, North & South Carolina, Virgina, Florida, New York and New Jersey. I love the Easter shore and enjoy visits to the beach particulary Ocean City Maryland, Rehobeth, Delaware and New Jersey - Ocean City,Longport, Margate, and Atlantic City. I have 2 grown sons and enjoy an active lifestyle, walking in parks and playing sports such as tennis and paddle ball. Over the last year I have engaged in starting my own vegetable garden from seedlings and watched a few cantelopes sprout to my joyful surprise! Other sites where you can view me include Linked In, at "/neocities.png"> images.

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